A Comprehensive Decision Support Tool
Overcome information overload with a single platform that meets the need for tailored information throughout your enterprise

Using a customizable data model and role-based profiles, EV3 is uniquely designed for executives, operations managers, and analysts.

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EV3 Components and Tools
  • Executive Summary — Receive a daily summary of the top news customized to reflect the issues and topics of importance to your organization.
  • Central Information Hub — View news alerts, analyst notes and other live, curated content.
  • Discovery — Overlay datasets to rapidly identify trends in traditional and social media.
  • Tracking — Monitor key narratives and sentiment to determine the effectiveness of your strategy.
  • Report Generation — Design and generate a standard report using a pre-populated template and export in any format.
  • Advanced Search/Query Builder — Create searches to populate other tools or query the curated content provided by EXOVERA.
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