EV3 - A Global Situational Awareness Platform

Government, military, and commercial customers rely on Exovera’s advanced technology platform to monitor and analyze more than 1,000,000 global sources of content daily.

Our unique blend of technology and multilingual subject matter experts provides timely, accurate and meaningful insights into challenging environments around the world.

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A flexible, cloud-based data model enables the system to be configured to each user’s specific areas of interest.

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Robust monitoring and analysis tools identify, track, explore, anticipate and visualize patterns and trends so that our customers can operate more efficiently and more effectively.

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EV3 Narratives

Narratives define how diverse groups in society see the world and reveal “why” people hold the opinions they do. Exovera tracks active narratives in traditional and social media using proprietary NLP and machine learning algorithms.

Quantifying narratives enables powerful tools to explore which stories and influencers drive change and provides insight into how information is being understood.

Click on the examples below to see EV3 Narratives in action.

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Understand and track polarization in US media discourse

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See narratives that drove the 2016 US presidential campaign

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NewsQuotes tracks the news through the words of influencers.

Whether it’s politics, security, business, or entertainment, NewsQuotes discovers ideas proliferating around the world as they happen.

NewsQuotes is available as an integrated module in EV3 or as a free mobile download on Android. Coming soon to iOS.

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EV3 Predictions

In partnership with Predata, Inc., Exovera offers a unique capability to forecast the likelihood of future events based on advanced statistical regression analysis of prior media content and metadata trends.

EV3 Forecasting leverages a massive, organized media database and subject matter experts to guide the technology and contextualize the results.

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