Russian Media Reporting on President Trump’s Russia Scandal

Jun 23 2017

The Russian media establishment’s narrative on the U.S. political predicament surrounding the Russia-tinged scandals of the Trump administration may be largely unknown to consumers of Western media. Coincidentally, it happens to fall closely in line with the narratives pushed by President Donald Trump himself and some voices in right-wing U.S. media: namely, that the Democrats are pursuing a “witch hunt” against Trump and have been fabricating these allegations because they lost the 2016 presidential election.

Brazil’s Political Crisis and Media Environment

Jun 14 2017

The ongoing scandals surrounding Brazil’s political parties promise to reign well into the future and will surely envelop the coming elections in 2018. Against the backdrop of this heightened, politically charged atmosphere and the spate of sustained mass protests in the country, the Brazilian media — understood as a key influencer of public opinion — has been subjected to scrutiny from across the political spectrum.

Russian Media on Elections

May 23 2017

With elections in the United Kingdom and Germany looming this year, it is useful to understand the continuing power of the narrative promoted by Russian media circles and its real impact on both Russia’s domestic audience and the international right-wing populist movement.

Tracking Media Narratives

May 15 2017

Media coverage and dialog tends to conform with, amplify, or counter ongoing narratives. These narratives reflect how writers and consumers of media content see the world — and how people can see it so differently. Exovera is demonstrating that identifying, capturing, and quantifying these narratives in the media is the key to helping our clients make objective sense of the increasingly bewildering new media space.

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