Expert Analysis and Anticipatory Insight
EXOVERA blends an advanced technology platform with subject matter experts to provide curated alerts and insights for intelligence and situational awareness

EXOVERA's range of services and solutions include:

  • EV3 Platform — Real-time information and monitoring with customizable tools, search and visualization functions.
  • News Alerts— Continuous, tailored summaries of the news from thousands of sources.
  • English and Foreign Language News Monitoring Reports and Analysis — Daily intelligence briefs for a contextual narrative of the current media environment.
  • Social Media Monitoring and Analysis — Custom queries across different social media platforms.
  • Customized Reports — Detailed analysis and contextual reports of narratives and trending social issues.
  • Anticipatory Insight — Advanced warnings for incidents of political volatility and civil unrest.
  • Quantitative Sentiment Tracking and Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) — Trend line reports on sentiment in traditional and social media.
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