Who We Are
Providing Insightful Situational Awareness
We are global leaders in curating and analyzing information to support strategic planning through a combination of human analysis and proprietary technology

EXOVERA's analysts are regional and communications experts steeped in the languages, dialects, and cultures of more than 60 nations.

EXOVERA provides the insight and analysis you need to look beyond present conditions
  • We offer a secure web-based platform — EV3 harnesses an advanced analytics framework and easy-to-use interface to provide the right data and anticipatory insight for complete situational awareness.
  • We employ skilled media monitors with local roots and perspectives — Our experts have advanced, international degrees, excellent communication and analytical skills and understand local culture, politics and history.
  • We are a time-saver — Staying informed is a full-time endeavor. Our native understanding of regions and localities gives us the ability to efficiently identify what is important to you.
  • We are well-informed, so that you can be too — Pertinent news and insightful analysis help you develop a contextual understanding and quickly comprehend emerging patterns and trends.
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