Open-source and social media insights platform

Exovera Narratives is a robust media monitoring, strategic messaging, and data visualization platform that:

  • Pinpoints critical themes to sharpen strategic messaging, influence audience decision-making, and enhance situational awareness regarding the world’s social, economic, and geopolitical issues
  • Pairs trained analysts with proprietary machine learning and analytics tools to rapidly classify and contextualize content extrapolated from hundreds of thousands of traditional multimedia sources and millions of social media postings
  • Enables analysts to study the impact and effectiveness of individual stories, media topics, media outlets, and reporters/influencers while also tracking audience reaction and identifying bot-driven misinformation

Narratives leverages neural machine learning algorithms, visualization, and speech recognition capabilities to quickly search more than one-million traditional and social media data sources in real-time


Advanced analytic tradecraft empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Multi-language Machine Translation (MT) / Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • AI technology to both translate and identify "narratives" of interest across the information landscape
  • Entity extraction and tracking allows persona tracking across different media domains

Onsite, client-controlled architecture and collaboration

  • Ability to collect at scale, using the latest DevOps technology
  • Customer-owned and operated addition to existing data center

Fused multi-media data

  • On-premise, state of the art collection and analysis system for open-source data
  • Tailored multinational, multi-lingual source data from international, regional, and local sources in near real-time

Narratives is a powerful predictive analytics tool for intelligence missions, information operations, and public affairs campaigns

  • Ability to determine a "narrative" across content and language to measure the impact of media on various demographics