Situational Awareness On A Global Scale.
Ground Truth, As The World Sees It.
Curated News. Expert Insights.
Meticulous Analysis. Advanced Technology.
EXOVERA provides decision makers with a 24/7 intelligence service for global situational awareness

For more than 10 years, our customers have relied on EXOVERA's advanced technology and human news analysis to provide a rich understanding of complex regions of the world where missed information or detection of events can have a significant impact on operational outcomes.

Our cloud-based EV3 platform provides a comprehensive, customizable solution for monitoring and analyzing over 350,000 traditional and social media sites and over 1,000,000 sources.

  • Receive news alerts, content and analysis curated by subject matter experts for the highest quality intelligence.
  • Mine unstructured data with advanced analytics and intuitive visualizations that make patterns and events readily apparent.
  • Create customized reports on the fly.
  • Access the EV3 platform from any desktop or mobile device.
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Transform noise into clarity
  • Our multi lingual experts monitor media in local languages to deliver mission-driven decision support for any region or issue.
  • Advanced discovery features and analytical summaries provide users with a narrative understanding of the data leading to an in-depth interpretation of specific issues or events.
  • We monitor, uncover and report what is important to our clients so they can operate more confidently, efficiently, and effectively.

Thousands of users from diplomatic, military and law enforcement communities have relied on EXOVERA's media monitoring and analysis services for daily insight into some of the world's most challenging environments.

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