Analytical Platform

Powerful Insights, Actionable Information

Leverage the expertise of language-enabled analysts with in-country experience who identify data acquisition targets, provide unique context and understanding, and curate data sets

Track and quantify narratives that are emerging, being amplified or suppressed across the media landscape from print, social, and broadcast sources

Unveil the specific content, sources, and influencers driving change

Visualize and drill down into hard-to find entity relationships, connections, and hidden influence


Assess continuous updates and active feeds – trusted by customers with urgent, critical missions

Interact with platform content and data holdings through a rich user interface or an API for external applications.

Measure the impact of influence operations and strategic communications

Exovera’s platform uses best-of-breed off-the-shelf language and quantitative models, as well as Exovera’s own custom narrative and predictive models. The language models are applied and optimized in native languages for tasks like entity extraction, narrative and topic classification, speech recognition/ transcription and time-series analysis.


Exovera’s analytical platform is a powerful, unified interface that provides a comprehensive view of the information environment. The SaaS platform empowers insight with a near-real-time picture of key patterns and developments fueled by Exovera’s AI tools and exquisite data sets. The platform distill large volumes of data providing strategic context, allowing users to extract what matters, and to drill down and reveal how specific actors and data points converge.


The Exovera platform is fed by an active, dynamic data portal featuring an integrated environment that unites disparate modalities of data together in a common ecosystem. In addition to strategic messaging and influence, the platform is ideal for due diligence and vendor vetting, as well as individual and corporate analysis. Data holdings include:

  • Defense Industrial Base information
  • Biographical information
  • Business records for entities that are part of the Great Power Competition
  • Denied-area data
  • Academic & government intelligence
  • Publications including journals, books & standards
  • Traditional media including print & digital newspapers, video & radio
  • Social media including Twitter & Weibo
  • Network graph display