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Exovera provides unique knowledge and insight on complex geopolitical issues using open-source and publicly available information. We offer an ecosystem of vertically integrated solutions, delivered through an open architecture and extensible data fabric, that enable results at scale for our clients.

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November 2, 2023 in In The News, Press Release

U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission’s Jonathan Ray Joins Exovera as Director of Open Source

Vienna, VA, November 2, 2023 – Exovera, a leading technology and open-source data provider, today announced the addition of Jonathan Ray as Director of Open Source. Ray joins the company’s prestigious group of China research analysts who help the U.S. government and private sector businesses navigate…
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October 19, 2023 in Reports

What the PLA Air Force Says About Itself

This report from Kenneth W. Allen and Brian Lafferty highlights what the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force is saying to the international community about itself. It is based on a review of all the 2018-2023 articles about the PLAAF that were published on the China Military Online website,…
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September 6, 2023 in Analysis

The Last Minarets of Yunnan

The Chinese government’s plan to demolish the dome and minarets of a mosque in Yunnan Province reveals the uncompromising nationalist tenor of Xi Jinping’s rule. Xi’s desire to Sinicize socialism and yoke China’s modern history to Han identity effectively marginalizes ethno-religious minorities such as Hui…
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