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Next-Generation of Exovera’s Analytical Platform Integrates New Data Sets

By February 17, 2023August 10th, 2023No Comments

VIENNA, Va.; Feb. 17, 2023 – Exovera, a leading provider of data analytics software and solutions, has launched its updated analytical platform, which unifies artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled tools with the company’s extensive China, Russia, and Iran-focused data holdings and expands its targeted social media scraping.

The SaaS platform features a powerful, unified portal that provides users with a 360-degree view of the information environment with the ability to detect patterns, connect the dots, and drill down to an entity level. It distills massive amounts of data to ultimately provide strategic context, extract what matters, and reveal how specific actors and data points converge. The newly integrated data holdings include a combination of specialized, open-source datasets curated by Exovera’s Center for Intelligence and Research Analysis (CIRA) team, made up of expert linguist-analysts focused on the Great Power Competition. The result is a near-real-time picture of key developments, enabling users to gain critical insights.

“Today’s release unites our trusted media-based analytics platform with the exquisite data our linguist-analysts are known for,” said Justin Knapp, Exovera’s Vice President for Product Engineering. “For our customers, this update is significant because it provides a consolidated access point to data that is critical to understanding China and Chinese domestic and international messaging across media and the associated entities. Incorporating Exovera’s expertise, it provides new strategic context to data, allowing customers to make previously impossible connections and identify and filter data in new ways.”

The updated platform includes an application of AI categorization models to map the Chinese media environment by topic and underlying expert-defined narratives. It allows non-Chinese speakers to read, understand and analyze Chinese media content in context. The platform also features a consolidated display of selected entities within Exovera’s data holdings including those extracted from media content, CIRA-curated defense industry entities, biographical information and business records covering China, Russia, Iran, and other countries of strategic interest, wherever they may operate.

“Exovera’s analytical platform is designed to solve the problem of making human sense of large datasets,” said Andrew Katona, Product Manager. “It provides strategic context to data to extract what matters, and reveals how specific entities and data points fit.”